PROLINE prowadnica

  • Producent: Parker Origa
  • Czas realizacji: ok 10 dni roboczych

Siłowniki beztłoczyskowe, napędy Origa

ORIGA System Plus: Guide PROLINE

The compact aluminium roller guide for high loads and velocities. Active/ Passive Brake optional.

  • High precision
  • High velocities (10 m/s)
  • Smooth operation - low noise
  • Integated wiper system
  • Long life lubrication
  • Compact dimensions - compatible to Slideline plain bearing guide
  • Any length of stroke up to 3750 mm


 Optional: Integrated Brake for Series OSP-P25 to OSP-P50:

  • Actuated by pressurisation
  • Release by depressurisation and spring actuation

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