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ORIGA System Plus: Linear Drive Acccessories

The perfect mounting for every application

Clevis Mounting

When external guides are used, parallelism deviations can lead to mechanical strain on the piston. This can be avoided by the use of a clevis mounting.

End Cap Mountings

On the end-face of each end cap there are four threaded holes for mounting the actuator. The hole layout is square, so that the mounting can be .tted to the bottom, top or either side, regardless of the position chosen for the air connection.

End Cap Mountings for linear drives with guides

These end caps offer the perfect mounting solution if OSP-P cylinders with guides are used.

Mid-Section Support

For supporting long cylinders or mounting the cylinder by its dovetail rails. The datasheet explains when mid-section supports have to be used.

Mid-Section Support for linear drives with guides

Version for use with cylinders with guides

Inversion Mounting

In dirty environments, or where there are special space problems, inversion of the cylinder is recommended. The inversion bracket transfers the driving force to the opposite side of the cylinder.

Adapter Profile

A universal attachment for mounting of valves etc. Solid material

T-Slot Profile

A universal attachment for mounting with standard T-Nuts

Connection Profile

For combining Series OSP-P with system profiles, or Series OSP-P with Series OSP-P

Duplex Connection

The duplex connection combines two OSP-P cylinders of the same size into a compact unit with high performance.

Multiplex Connection

The multiplex connection combines two or more OSP-P cylinders of the same size into one unit.

Magnetic Switch

For electrical sensing of the carrier position, e.g. at the end positions, magnetic switches may be fitted. Position sensing is contactless and is based on magnets .tted as standard to the carrier. A yellow LED indicates operating status.


Cable Cover

For clean guidance of magnetic switch cables along the cylinder body. Contains a maximum of 3 cables with diameter 3 mm.

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